Chloe requires if Nate loves Elena, which he does not reject, and you may Chloe cravings him to tell this lady

Nate and you may Elena pick Schafer nearly dead off being defeated. Schafer cravings Nate to recoup brand new Phurba, discover entry to help you Shambhala, and you may ruin new Brick in advance of Lazarevic gets they. Schafer dies, and Nate establishes that perhaps the Stone has actually mythical powers or not, Lazarevic need to be stopped. Elena decides it will be better into a couple of them to separate your lives to obtain the entrances.

Elena finds out it, and you may Nate is able to get well new dagger out of Chloe. However, when they achieve the doorway so you can Shambhala, these are typically cornered by the Lazarevic. Shortly after a stressful standoff where Lazarevic threatens to eliminate each other Elena and you can Chloe in the event the Nate will not work, the guy complies and guides Lazarevic, Flynn, in addition to their people to the city. Immediately following inside Shambhala, Lazarevic makes to execute every three, even though the Guardians attack group making it possible for brand new threesome to flee. They realize Lazarevic towards the area so that you can ruin the latest Cintamani Brick prior to Lazarevic can use they.

On in search of they, Nate quickly realizes that the Cintamani Stone is not actually a gemstone, nevertheless the drain in the forest from lives. Good fatally wounded Flynn upcoming is provided, and you can even after Elena giving to assist, Flynn rebuffs their consult and drops a real time grenade; the fresh new blast eliminates themselves and you may certainly injuries Elena. Elena grudgingly informs Nate and Chloe to depart their and stop Lazarevic, however, Chloe insists which they maintain her earliest. Nate eventually prospects these to a road that may just take her or him back again to area of the entry and you will purchases Chloe to flee with Elena while he handles Lazarevic.

Just after troubled Lazarevic, Nate will make it back once again to the latest access in which Chloe and you will Elena are wishing. Since area drops so you can damage, the three allow it to be aside only after a while, even though Elena has shed awareness. Back again to the fresh new community, Elena recovers regarding their wounds regarding care of Sullivan.

Post-Among Thieves [ ]

After the Among Theft, Nate and you can Elena marry within the unknown affairs. Although not, Nate’s phobia out-of connection and crave for adventure metropolises high strain into relationship, while the one or two independent, to-be estranged. Elena features this lady a wedding ring, and you will Victor Sullivan is in charge of Nate’s instead their studies.

Drake’s Deception [ ]

A couple of years afterwards, Elena Fisher is a major international development correspondent and contains been stationed when you look at the Yemen for some time. Nate and you can Sully find Sir Francis Drake got generated a remain in Yemen on the his trip to find the Atlantis out-of new Sands. Just like the several wanted to go into Yemen unofficially and you may as opposed to resistance, Sullivan phone calls Elena to inquire about on her let, because the Nate are reluctant to communicate with their. When they arrive, Elena provides them with permits.

Elena takes Nate and you can Sully on the a taking walks concert tour because of Yemen, on Dated One-fourth since their finally stop. So you’re able to dodge this new city’s guards, the new trio climbs around the rooftops. From that point, Sully places Talbot taking walks from town. Nate pursues your, in fact it is fundamentally cornered from the Katherine Marlowe’s shields, however, evades just take and you may goes into a great courtyard.

And that is, the courtyard include a well into the coordinates to Iram. While in the catacombs, the 3 find a hidden chamber which have messages written on the walls, alerting in regards to the dangers of Iram and wilderness. Nate deduces why these texts were authored by Sir Francis Drake, since the they have been for the English. Elena can be involved why Sir Francis Drake, even with knowing how to get Iram, made a decision to drop the browse and you can sail household, concealing all of the evidence. She wishes for Nate so you’re able to ignore Iram and you will Marlowe, urging he’s got beaten this lady, though Nate try unrelenting.

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